City of Connellsville, Pennsylvania

Police Department

For police dispatch, fire, or medical assistance, DIAL 911.
If outside of the immediate area, (724) 628-2501.

The Mayor Greg Lincoln is directly responsible for the day to day supervision of the Police Department.

Police Department
Name Title Phone
Greg LincolnMayor(724) 628-2020 x203
Hammerle, BillPolice Chief(724) 628-2020 x100
Shaffer, StevenCaptain(724) 628-2020 x101
Jaynes, KennethDetective(724) 628-2020 x114
Sherbinsky, DannySergeant(724) 628-2020 x156
Wissler, DanielSergeant(724) 628-2020 x157
James, JohnCorporal(724) 628-2020 x158
Huss, JacenCorporal(724) 628-2020 x150
Ruff, PatrickOfficer(724) 628-2020 x153
Patton, ThomasOfficer(724) 628-2020 x160
Harvey, BrianOfficer(724) 628-2020 x152
Connors, BrianOfficer(724) 628-2020 x159
Hominsky, AndyOfficer(724) 628-2020 x162
Kendi, BryanOfficer(724) 628-2020 x151
Stokes, MichaelOfficer(724) 628-2020 x 155
Brooks, JaninePolice Secretary(724) 628-2020 x106
Police Dispatch(724) 628-2020 x110
City of Connellsville
Police Department
110 North Arch Street
Connellsville, PA 15425
Phone: (724) 628-2501
Fax: (724) 626-5992

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